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Alpenglow, A Light Reflection

1. Classical Gas (M. Williams)
2. The Sand & The Foam (D. Fogelberg)
3. Paris Nocturne (D. Fogelberg)
4. Longer (D. Fogelberg)
5. Adelita (F. Tarrega)
6. Spanish Romance (Anon.)
7. Love Theme from "Romeo & Juliet (H. Mancini)
8. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (E. MacColl)
9. If Ever I Would Leave You (Learner-Lowe)
10. Here Comes The Sun (G. Harrison)
11. Today (R. Sparks)
12. Time In A Bottle (J. Croce)
13 Scarborough Fair (Old English Aire)
14. Estudio in B Minor (F. Sor)
15. Estudio in D Major (F. Sor)
16. Estudio in E Minor (F. Sor)
17. Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) (D. McLean)
18. Play Me, (N. Diamond)
19. Angela's Lullaby (M. Beaumont)
20. Cavatina, from "The Deer Hunter" (S. Myers)

Released 1996

Cover Photo: Diane Stratton, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

My first album. Recorded while we were living in Red Lodge, Montana in 1996. A mix of light classical & popular songs I arranged for classical guitar.

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